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The new SKY GARDEN project

The Amber Pines project development company is construction a new apartment building project between Gaidas and Vēju Streets at Asaru Prospect 53, 57 and 59 and Vēju Street 5 and 9.  This will be the multi-functional SKY GARDEN complex.  Amber Pines is building the complex by merging the environment of Jūrmala with a modern living environment and infrastructure, always keeping in mind tested and important human values.



A carefully considered and perfectly arranged infrastructure with easily and quickly available everyday services that ensure a balanced and harmonic lifestyle.  Residents of the complex will have access to a grocery store, a restaurant, a weekend market, a children’s room, a dental practice, a physician’s practice, a fitness and children’s area, a fitness hall and a spa.  Services at the level of a four-star hotel will offer a high level of comfort on an everyday basis. 

Natural materials, modern architectural and design trends, innovative technologies in green areas – all of these will harmonically fit into the historical environment of the spa town and emphasise the natural beauty of Jūrmala.  Green thinking and the high-level Green Residence ecological criteria will allow residents to feel proud about living in harmony with nature.  The concept for the complex is based on the advantages of the historical environment and nature, as synergised with opportunities that are offered by design.


We often fail to appreciate the advantages of nature.  Many plants provide air, food, medical resources and other useful things for human welfare.  The developers of SKY GARDEN have given thought to ensuring that residents will live in harmony with nature and confirm the importance of green thinking in our lives.  That is why the buildings at SKY GARDEN are all named after plants.

The first five buildings:
Asaru Prospect 53 – SORBUS/ROWAN
Asaru Prospect 57A – ROSA CANINA/WILD ROSE
Asaru Prospect 57B – BERBERIS/BARBERRY
Asaru Prospect 59A – ARONIA/CHOKEBERRY
Asaru Prospect 59B – TILIA/LINDEN TREE

The complete infrastructure of SKY GARDEN means that it is a city in a city.  This is the first project in Jūrmala in which developers have focused on all major life needs without which a comfortable everyday life cannot be imagined – the availability of healthy food, utility services, beauty treatments, sports and relaxation.


The 13 buildings at SKY GARDEN will have 300 flats.  The modern buildings will be comfortable and cosy, with ergonomic floor plans, underground car parks for vehicles and bicycles, installed roof terraces and closed gardens.  First-floor residents will have a walled terrace that will open up into a green yard, while upper-floor owners will have green and sunny roof terraces and little roof gardens.  The roof gardens will merge the building and surrounding environment, and there will also be a joint use terrace on the roof of each building for interesting private events.  The joint use terrace will have a grill and fireplace, a small installed kitchen and a sanitary network to ensure maximal comfort for residents and their guests.


Developer:  SIA Amber Pines

Seller:  SIA Sky Garden

Design:  SIA DO Studio

Architect:  Didzis Krūmiņš

Builder:  SIA Easy Building

Number of buildings:  13