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About us

The new “SKYGARDEN” real estate project in Jūrmala is being developed by SIA Dzintara Priedes, which is a subsidiary of the STATS Group.  Our team includes other companies from the STATS Group, and it has worked with real estate projects in Latvia for more than 10 years.  We daresay that we understand and take into account the needs of all of our clients, and we create sustainable values by preparing their living place and environment.  Our main operating principles include:

  • Detailed project designs;
  • The speed and quality of construction;
  • The use of natural materials and modern eco-technologies;
  • A high quality in finishing work;
  • The comfort and security of our residents.

We are convinced that true values are eternal.

Quality management


SIA Dzintara Priedes and other STATS Group companies use an integrated management system which satisfies ISO 9001 requirements.  Maintenance and improvements are provided by SIA STATS Invest, which has the ISO 9001 quality management certificate, thus guaranteeing that the services which are rendered satisfy client, legal, standard and environmental requirements.  We always prevent pollution during building processes, make good use of natural resources, and ensure that our employees always enjoy a working environment which is healthy and secure.

Here are some of our building projects:

A building at O. Kalpaka Street 13 in the heart of Sigulda amid developed infrastructure and in a location that is surrounded by peace and the environment.     A building at Eksporta Street 12 in Rīga, not far from the prestigious quiet centre of the city.  The windows open up to a lovely view of the DaugavaRiver, the port, and the city.
A building at Ausekļa Street 11 in Rīga between Eksporta, Sakaru and Ausekļa streets and Vašingtona Square.   Historically this region was known as Foreburg.     The Līvu House at Zvārtas Street 5A in Līvi in the Cēsis Administrative District.  This is a building for those who wish to live in the countryside.  A new three-floor building with a mansard, it is only 2 km from Cēsis.
The Foreburg office centre at Ūnijas Street 8, building 9, in Rīga.  Located between two major streets – Čaka Street and Brīvības Street, the building is in an area with a highly developed infrastructure and at a distance of around 3 km from Old Rīga.     An office building at Bērzaunes Street 11A in Rīga, located on the grounds of the former VEF factory and not far from the offices of SIA Dzintara Priedes.
An office building at Bērzaunes Street 6A in Rīga, located on the grounds of the former VEF factory and not far from the Domina shopping centre.     Warehouses at Kroņu Street 13A in Rīga which are in a strategically good area of industrial buildings not far from the Zemitāni train station and the Oškalnu bridge.

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