Phone in Latvia: +371 22 333 435, Phone in Moscow: +7 (916) 708-45-67


Qualified consultants are available to answer all of your questions and provide you with all of the information that you need:

Baiba Kalniņa 
+371 29259025

+7( 916) 708-45-67
skype: bkalnina
LANĪDA sertifikāts Nr. A-084
Solvita Gulbe
+371 26536633 
LANĪDA sertifikāts Nr. AA-112








Margarita Kaktiņa
+371 22333435 

*   LANIDA:  Latvian Association of Real Estate Transactions

We will help you to handle all issues which relate to the purchase of real estate, including:

  • Legal support for the transaction and the preparation of relevant documents;
  • Architectural, design, construction an other specialised services in re-planning of flats;
  • Consultations on entrance visas, residency permits and other formalities.