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Lease to buy rights

You can obtain real estate on a lease to buy basis, which means that rent that you pay for the two years is counted toward the purchase price.

Basic regulations

A rental agreement will be concluded with each client and for a term of two years. After two years of rental payments, the client must buy the property by signing an agreement to that effect.  The paid rent will be counted toward the purchase price.  A separate agreement on the purchase of the property will state the purchase price and state that the rent that is paid will be counted toward that price.  Those who use the lease to buy method will pay a price that is 5% higher.
Deposit 10 000 EUR

Advantages in the lease to buy procedure

1)  A “test drive” before purchasing the property;

2)  Use of the property before it is purchased;

3)  The right to purchase the property at a specific period of time;

4)  The right to waive the deal at any time, though the lessee is not allowed to unilaterally abrogate the agreement and sell the property to a third party;

5)  Insurance and real estate taxes are paid by the lessor, not the lessee;

6)  Money paid in rent will be counted toward the purchase price;

7)  Mortgage loans can be difficult for family budgets and may be difficult to receive;

8)  Lessees may purchase the property before the expiration of the agreement;

9)  The agreement sets out the terms of the purchase:

  • The price of the property;
  • The sum by which the price will be reduced in terms of monthly rental payments;
  • Taxes that must be paid when purchasing the property;
  • Terms on signing notarial acts.