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Open Day in the project “Dzintara priedes” (“Amber Pines”)

From 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. of May 7 and 8 of the year 2012, everybody is invited to the Open Day in Aizputes street 10a, Yurmala, in the project “Dzintara priedes” (“Amber Pines”). You will have the possibility to see and touch the new, comfortable apartment building in “Dzintara priedes” (“Amber Pines”) by yourself […]

The ridgepole celebration at project “Dzintara priedes”

On thursday, March 29, the ridgepole celebration took place in the few-storey apartment project “Dzintara priedes” (“Amber Pines”, Aizputes street 10a, Yurmala), which will open its door in the summer of the year 2012. This is considered to be the moment when main construction works are completed symbolically and the initial conception obtains its real […]