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The “SKY GARDEN” real estate project is in the quiet town of Asari in Jūrmala.  It’s a two-minute walk down the orderly Gaidas Street or Vēju Street to get to the beach, where you can relax, sunbathe, go swimming, walk along the shore, play volleyball, jog, ride a water bike, go kite sailing, surfing or wakeboarding, etc.  If you want special treats elsewhere in Jūrmala, the Vaivari rehab centre offers pressurised showers, pearl baths, swimming in a mineral water pool, horseback riding and tennis.  If you want to experience the medical power of mud baths, specialists at the Jaunķemeri rehab centre will be happy to help you out.

If you purchase real estate on the seashore, you will be able to fully enjoy the active cultural life of this spa town.  Jomas Street, which is 7 km away, is the main pedestrian thoroughfare in Jūrmala, and it has become a business card for the city over the course of the decades.  Of cultural and historical importance along the street are well-preserved 19th and early 20th century wooden buildings, many of them decorated very ornately and colourfully on their facades and roofs.  The sum, the sea, the green environment, mobs of well-dressed holiday-makers along Jomas Street, little souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, music, the smell of coffee, vanilla and chocolate, overall happiness and merriment which sparkle in the air – all of these create an endless atmosphere of celebration which continues after dark in the town’s many clubs and casino.

Residents of the new “SKY GARDEN” housing project can easily reach other towns in Latvia.  The Vaivari rail station is at a ten-minute walking distance, the Rīga International Airport is 30 km away, and the centre of Rīga is at a distance of 35 km.  You can get to Latvia by plane, train, ferry, international bus or automobile.